With a dedicated IP address, you will have a unique number that will identify you on the Internet and that will not be shared with anyone else or associated with other Internet sites. The most popular use of a dedicated IP is the one that includes the installation of an SSL certificate, which may be used to encrypt the connection between a website and its customers, so if they have to log in or to submit payment info, their information shall be protected. You will also get better search engine rankings, because your Internet site will load faster and won't have the same address as Internet sites that load slowly or have a questionable reputation. A dedicated IP address could also be employed to access software such as a VoIP app or another sort of hosting server. With our server solutions, you are able to order additional dedicated IPs with ease and assign them to any online app which you host instead of the IP address that comes with the web server by default.
Extra Dedicated IPs in VPS Servers
If you opt for one of the VPS servers packages that we supply, you will get one dedicated IP address, and with every web server which is ordered with a CP, we supply a second one 100 % free. If you'd like to use additional IPs, you can add them to your plan with several clicks anytime. In case you need them right away, for instance, you may add them to your order and they will be assigned to your VPS the instant it's set up. In case you need them later, you can add them via your billing CP and they will be available within a couple of minutes. You can assign them to personal Internet sites with a couple of mouse clicks or to any of your clients - if you are using the virtual server to start out your own Internet hosting business. You could take advantage of this upgrade as often as you wish and you can renew the additional IP addresses with your plan for so long as required.
Extra Dedicated IPs in Dedicated Servers
Every single dedicated server which we offer features three dedicated IP addresses provided absolutely free on top of the monthly fee for the package. We also give you the chance to add more IPs to your web server both when you sign up and at a later time using your billing Control Panel, so you can order the IPs whenever you need them with no limit on the amount or on how frequently you get them. They may be purchased in groups of 3 and will be assigned to your web server right away. You can renew them with the hosting plan and you'll be able to choose if you will renew all of them, or a smaller number - in case you no longer require the rest. Every dedicated IP address allocated to your server could be used for any purpose: for a personal site, for a software server, or for a hosting client - in case you have decided to start out your own hosting enterprise and you're reselling accounts to other people.